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    E9.1 JDB_InsertFromSelect API

    Does anyone have an example on how to call JDB_InsertFromSelect and/or JDB_InsertFromSelectExtended APIs? Looking into db_proto.h it seems it receive two HREQUESTs (one for table to perform the set_selection and the other to the table to perform the insert) but the other parameters I couldn't...
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    Failed to deploy update package(with custom BSFN) on E1Subsystem in AS400

    In our E1 (9.1/AS400) system, there are four E1 Subsystem (1st one is E1Subsystem and rest of them(three) are timeZone specific E1subsystems)exists in Production . Built update package with one custom BSFN along with other OL objects . But deployment is failing on three timeZone specific...
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    Failed to deploy Update package on timeZone E1subsystems in AS400

    In our E1 (9.1/AS400) system, there are four E1 Subsystem (1st one is E1Subsystem and rest of them(three) are timeZone specific E1subsystem)exists in Production . Built update package with one custom BSFN along with other OL objects . But deployment is failing on three timeZone specific...
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    Issue using CBSFN "CalcDiscNoTax" B0000283

    I encountered some strange behavior in this standard Cbsfn. I'm using JDE 9.2. There is a line of code which says "iDec = Decimals(&lpDS->mnAmountGross);" This is used to know the Decimal place of the variable. When i debug this BSFN i see that when ever this BSFN is called from F0411Editline...
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    Is there a way to build business functions outside Busbuild, i.e using the VS

    I need to build business functions but visual studio is not working for unknown reasons. Somewhere I had read about an article where you could create a make file and build the JDE bsfn completely in Visual Studio.
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    F4311FSBeginDoc when making PO Change Orders

    Just a note to everyone and myself. When calling F4311FSBeginDoc for Purchase Orders, the field szOrderSuffix must always be "000", even when making a change order. The F4311EditLine is where you set szOrderSuffix to a non-000 number such as "001". So if you are using header...
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    BSFN Find File with wildcards on AIX

    Hi All, we need to find files using wildcards on AIX. How do you solve it? Standard BSFN doesn´t work. Thanks for reply. Petr
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    Need business function B0801350

    Hi, My client is on release 9.1 and I do need to look at business function B0801350 for Employee business service. Would any of you have this business function and it's header file handy? If not, what's the best way to get it from Oracle support?
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    BSFN to create F5201 contract?

    Does anyone know which Business Function to call to create a new F5201 record? i see alot of Delete functions, and line-level functions, but cannot locate one for the header.
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    BSFN not running on Enterprise server, running on application server and fat client

    Running Xe sp24.20 We have a custom business function which calls another custom business function that ultimately calls the Inventory Transfer Master Business function (XT4113Z1). Running top level business function on a fat client is successful. Full packages have been built and deployed to...
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    SSN Validation third party plug in

    One of my clients is looking for SSN validation solution. They want to verify that SSN provided in AB record is correct/existing SSN. Are there any third party solutions available for this? or can this be done by JDE business functions. We are already using bsfns to validate and scrub 9 digit...
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    jdeCallBusinessService error 101

    Hi Guys, I've created a proxy bssv to call external bssv from jde (to webcenter content). I tested from java class and works fine. I've created a BSFN to call proxy from batch, but I have a problem because idReturnValue return 101. I deployed to Integrated WebLogic and the security is...
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    Debugging BSFN - How to Add DLL in Visual Studio 2005/2008 for Rel B7333

    :confused:B7333 release: oexplorer.exe has to be used for debugging BSFNs in Visual Studio (newer version uses ActiveConsole.exe). In addition to oexplorer.exe we need to add DLL which contains BSFN we wish to debug. VC 6.0: all set. Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. I can open project and select...
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    Need your help on using B4200310 BSFN

    Hi all, need your advice on using the BSFN B4200310 Begin Doc Edit Line End Doc I had filled each required fields in those business function, and put cCMDocAction as C (Change), and i wish to update F4211.LOTN, F4211.LOCN and F4211.SOQS. But it didn't update anything except update in F4201...
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    jde training

    Hi,i am looking for some training in business functions development. any pointers will be very helpful...Thanks in advance...
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    Is it possible to read a table from C++ BSFN when the Table Name is entered into UDC?

    I have a request to modify X0909 (Validate Subledger). The Business Community here would like to add Subledger Types and Tablenames to the 00-ST UDC Table. The X0909 C++ BSFN would then be modified to accept the new Subledger Types in 00-ST and use the Number passed to X0909 so the number can be...
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    Call jde BSFN from outside

    We have requirement to call JDE BSFN directly without using JDE UBE /APP/BSSV . As we have JDE version (8.1)in which BSSV is not available . Do we have any other way to call jde BSFN directlly from java for SOA integration .
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    E1 application or BSFN calling DB2 stored procedure on iSeries

    I am trying to find a way to call a DB2 stored procedures from an E1 BSFN passing input parameters and consuming multiple return parameters grouped in one record set (multiple records) E1 910 residing on a AIX Unix Box DB2 Stored procedure residing on iSeries box Does anyone have any...
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    Get Media Object in BSFN

    I'm building an new Business Function to create a CSV export file. Therefor I need to retrieve a Media Object from F00165. In contrast to the UBE, for a BSFN there is no System Function available for getting Media Objects. What is the best way to get the Media Object textfile? We are using E1...