Interoperability of Item Master using F4101Z1


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I am new to this forum and working for JD Edwards E1 (E810).

Requirement is create new application with similar look and feel of P4101 (Native Item master) but data should save seperately in (F4101Z1,F4101Z1A) instead of using P4101Z1. So we would like to replace the P4101Z1 usage with new application .It is a part of centralization of the item code creation.

You all know F4101Z1(keys:EDUS,EDBT,EDTN,EDLN) and F4101(keys:ITM,LITM,AITM) where key fields are different.

How can i insert user data from an application with same look and feel manner used in P4101 .


If P4101Z1 isn't what you want, I would start with cloning the Z screen to a P554101Z1 and then go from there.

But I am not sure I follow you. Are you saying that the final destination is not the same place as the source?
Or are all these records to be created manually or imported via excel etc?

You could create a headerless detail form over the F4101Z1 to allow fast grid imports
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Thanks your Reply .
Right i already created a clone of P4101Z1 and named as P554101Z1.

We have Different Sites in Operation and task is to centralize the item code creation.
Application shlould allow the user to create an item (same as they are doing now using P4101) in separate table(F4101Z1,F4101Z1A) by which the person responsible will forward the item code to all sites.

I Added as Secondary Keys (ITM,LITM,AITM) to F4101Z1 to do a workaround .Tell me whether i am in right track...

Once again Thanks so much
How can i insert user data from an application with same look and feel manner used in P4101 .


I think the look part would be easy.I would start from scratch and just use form variables throughout the process, then at the end, use a save button and insert into F4101Z1. Functioning the same would be the more difficult part. You have to deal with incremented short item numbers and user generated numbers and making sure the item numbers don't already exist in the F4101 and the F4101Z1