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How to start dealing with Crystal Reports


Legendary Poster
Hi JDEList,
Can anyone point us, how to start with Crystal Reports?
OK it is so general - we would like to deal with Crystal Reports and find the best way to start. We prefer the "self made" way, which worked for our talented colleauges.
All of your suggestions, instructions will be greatly appreciated!


Legendary Poster
Hi Zoltan,

you were fishing for a response from me weren't you?

To answer your question(s):

To begin:
1. create database views/queries of common JDE tables that
- use meaningful names instead of JDE aliases
- convert JDE dates to standard dates
- Apply decimal conversion to numeric fields where needed
I'm sure you've seen the posts that describe the above.
If you're database is Oracle I have a SQL script that prompts
for a JDE Table name and then create a SQL script text file to be
edited as needed before running. Its uses information from JDE to
construct meaningful table and field names as well as deal with
dates and decimals.
Also don't forget the need to secure your database!
By default PUBLIC has full access. Oracle document 755714.1
describes how to easily secure the database.

2. Purchase 'X' number of designer licenses. These are for those people who will be creating/changing reports.

3. Get Crystal Designer Training (typically 2 classes, 3 - 4 days total)

4. Delivery/Presentation. A lot of variables here.
Do you want Web or Fat Client Report Viewers? (run and view report)
There are many 3rd party viewers - most are fat client. A couple are Web.
You can also roll your own using their SDK.
You'll want a batch reporting solution also.
Run reports on scheduled basis and print, email, etc.
Again you have choices including make your own.
Don't forget security concerns.

Business Objects/SAP has their own Web-based product for all of the above.
Its called Business Objects Edge. Licensing is somewhat restrictive.
(named users and concurrent users model).

We are in the process of moving from our "self made" home grown solution to Business Objects Edge. Reason is that the Crystal SDK/tools object model that we used for 10 years has been deprecated/obsoleted/no longer supported
In addition we need a web based delivery system that we can integrate with JDE web. Not having much expertise in the web arena and not a lot of time to develop it we decided to use the Business Objects packaged product.

If you have the expertise . . . creating your own delivery/presentation software can be a lot cheaper. They do provide the tools for that.

A company called Preferred Strategies sells pre-built views/queries specific to JDE as well as packaged Edge solutions. Guy to talk to there is Adam Crigger.

Hope this is a good starting point for discussions.



Legendary Poster
Hi Larry,

First of all, thanks a lot for your great reply.

Yesterday I was sick at home, when I was asked, what do I know about Crystal Report (almost nothing), because we have a challenge, where maybe Crystal Report can be the appropriate tool. First I checked this Forum, before I posted my question.

Excuse me that I wasted your really valuable time, because by this time there is a final decision - they will use other, alternative tool/method.

Even so I will forward your valuable post to my affected colleauges.

Thanks again & Regards,


Parag K

Dear Larry,

I have problems with crystal using JDE. When I write the report and like fetch some records from other tabls, The SQL qury option is disbled. I have no idea how to activate it. I am using crystal report XI R2 and I have used JDE database connection insted of ODBC connection .

plase guide.



Active Member
I have also problem how to active JDE. The sql quary also disable. I am also using crystal X1 R2 .Please any one can help ?