E9.2 R46171 re-suggestion - multiple orders suggested, how does the system decide which orders to process first?


We are in tools. Using the R46171 with the processing option set to 1 in the Resuggestions tab, we submit multiple orders for resuggestion when new product has arrived in the system. The re-suggestion cancels the existing suggestions and runs new suggestions. this works as I expect it to except that I do not understand how this job selects which order gets suggested first. I thought it was oldest order number is suggested first but that is not the case. We would want it to use up as much inventory as is available starting from the oldest sales order and filling as much as possible until the inventory is gone.
On the attached file, 1 item, 8 sales orders, limited quantity available. It created suggestions for a new order, 249552 before filling older orders, 249487, 249488.
Can anyone explain, or point me where I might find how the logic works to suggest product when running multiple orders at one submission for suggestions?
Thank you in advance,
Mike Rothacker


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