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How to output multiple languages using BIP


I need to output documents in multiple languages using BIP. We're already using it for English and I'm trying to now add an XLIFF for Chinese. We are using BIP in conjunction with JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.

I have a TR object type template and have generated the XLIFF, have gotten it translated to Chinese and uploaded it as an XL object type. It has the same name as the TR object. The TR is specified as EN (language) and US (country). The XL is specified as ZH (language) and CN (country). Our CNC has installed the Chinese language pack.

My report definition specifies both English and Chinese languages and to output based on user preference language (I've also tried ALL languages). I've followed what instructions I could find in the various BI Publisher user guides I have.

I'm testing with a user profile whose language is Simplified Chinese and country is China.

When I run the program, it is only outputting the English PDF.

I would appreciate any advice from fellow group members as to what I might be missing as I feel my way through the BIP labyrinth. If you would prefer to email me, my email is judymca@yahoo.com

Thanks for all help, it's greatly appreciated!



Finally, I got this to work! If anyone ever has a need to do this, feel free to email me. It's been a painful road.


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Congratulations on finding the solution. I haven't encountered the same issue yet but I, and probably the rest of the members, would appreciate it if you can post the solution here for future reference.


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1. The BI template needs to be translated.
2. Add the translated template in P95600 under row exit "add translation" column of the template.
3. Also make sure in P95620, under output /language option, the translated language is also available.


HI Sai Kiran,

Could you please add attach translated template. so that i can understand it in brief. (if you have please attached with screenshots.)

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I thought as I've recently worked on this, I can contribute a little to help others.

1: Create RTF
2: Extract text to generate base language (Language used on the RTF).
3: Copy extracted XLF and rename to logical name R43500_CZ, R43500_NL etc.
4: In XLF file change (target-language=nl-NL, this is not mandatory, I find it a good practice).
5: Translate the <target> contents.
6: Create TR object for the RTF (P95600)
7 Create XL object for the XLF's created with the same name as the RTF and just ensure the language is different. (P95600)
8: In Report Definition application (P95620) create new RD select TR object in the grid.
9: If the previous steps were all done correctly, on the Form Exit Output Language, all the languages that have been created will be available to select.
10: You can select individual languages are ALL ACTIVE.

NOTE: When you review your language setup in via OMW, DO NOT click OK if you're happy with the setup.
I've noticed that by clicking ok you're setup appears to go to a default setting, which is basically only having the base language selected.

These are the few steps that I've gone through, I hope it somewhat useful.

kind regards,