Create!form Language Translations


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We've been using Create!form a long time in the US and now we need to support German as well as English. I've been reading through the Designer documentation, and it talks about installing fonts but doesn't say much about translation techniques.

For our custom UBEs we can make sure we have all needed text translated on the raw PDF for use in CF. However, for vanilla UBEs we don't want to do modifications and there are some where we are overriding some of the fixed text in the CF Designer. Are there any options for translating the fixed text inside the Designer project? Or is the only option to create a new Designer project for each language?

Hello, Sorry for the late reply. The website is not sending notifications when there are new posts to this forum.

You can "hard-code" different languages in the Cform project using UserVariables. The German language does not require a special font so nothing is needed there. What you will need is a trigger or flag to know when the doc should use German instead of English. That could be a flag on the JDE PDF (but that would require UBE modification) or another option would be specific version(s). For example; IF Sys.InputHeader("Version") == "XJDE0009" THEN use "Deutscher Text hier". I could also see using something like looking for country in any of the address lines but that would be kinda tricky and could be unreliable.

That technique works for any/all of the hard coded text in the Cdesigner project. For variable data (customer name, part description, etc) the language would need to come from E1 and be on the subsequent JDE PDF. If sometimes you use the text labels from the JDE PDF then as long as the language is correct on the JDE PDF then just pick that up and use it.