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How to jump to the last page in grid view (e.g. G/L one-view)


Hi everyone,

New to JD Edwards here...i've used Oracle 11i previously.
I apologize in advance if i'm not being really clear. Please bear with me.
I'm trying to download G/L activity using G/L One view.
The data is fairly large and it seems that when i try to export, i can only export pages that i scrolled down to.
For example, if i only scrolled down to line 200, then when i export, it only downloads to line 200.
I was told that you have to press "Page down" until you get to the last page...
the data that i'm looking is pretty large...i did this until i got to line 12,000 and i stopped.
Couple questions to you experts:
1) is there a shortcut (Rather than press page down) to get to the last page so when i press export, it exports everything
2) is there a different way to get what i need?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi Jshim,

Try to open G/L Table from web databrowser,On that file click on "Go to End" button in above grid filed QBE fields. G/L table take a time to process or load to all records,once all records has been load export that file.



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One View isn't really a good tool for massive downloads of detail. It is intended as a reporting tool to organize and summarize detail with the ability to present detail records for a specific piece of the summary. It sounds like you would be better served by a custom UBE that creates a csv file you can then manipulate.