How to get UBE status using JDE Orchestrator

Nishant Sharma

Active Member

1. Launch UBE using JDE Orchestrator
2. Once UBE is finished, I want to send email notification to the user stating UBE completed successfully
3. and attached output of the UBE with the email.

I'm struck at step 2. Please share your thoughts.


Abhishek Chhajer

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You need to get the job Id of executed job so that you can check via Orchestrator through a DB way will be to insert Job I’d from Job into a custom table and then use same to inquire into Job Master

Marcia HR

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In the setup of the orchestration, you need to select the output for the job number and server then you can setup a notification to call the orchestration. You will need to be on tools 9.2.3 to do the mapping of the job number and attach the output of the UBE in the notification email. I have done several of these up successfully.