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  1. arthart

    User-submitted UBE always in W status

    Greetings, I have a single user defined as other users (i.e. no user account batch queue assigned, only at the role-level). They submit UBEs as others but ever UBE they submit goes immediately to W status and never executes. Other users with the same role do not have this issue. I am hoping...
  2. N

    How to get UBE status using JDE Orchestrator

    Requirement: 1. Launch UBE using JDE Orchestrator 2. Once UBE is finished, I want to send email notification to the user stating UBE completed successfully 3. and attached output of the UBE with the email. I'm struck at step 2. Please share your thoughts. Thanks, Nishant
  3. J

    Scheduled job running at ~10% speed after IPL/backups

    Hello all! We've come up empty-handed so I'm reaching out to the masses for advice. I'm a sysadmin turned BA so forgive me if I initially leave out pertinent information. We have a pretty hefty custom job that processes incredibly slowly at the end of the month after we do back-ups and IPL...
  4. AnilKumar9

    Calling UBE from NER via BSSV -SOAPUI

    Good day everyone, I have a requirement where i need to call a UBE from BSSV. I have created a sample NER and called UBE inside the NER, and created a BSSV as well to test it. When i test from a test class the NER calling the UBE successfully on the DV server. After Deployment when i try to...
  5. jdecoder

    Switch user sessions before UBE call

    Hi Everyone, I have a requirement where there is an existing driver UBE that is calling Multiple UBE dealing with different Interface files. Now they want to see specific User names as the audit info in the tables the child UBE updates. Illustration: Driver UBE D calls UBEs A,B,C,D Now they...
  6. A

    Report Interconnection

    While calling UBE from application not getting data selection and processing option screen. Tried using business function B91300C still facing same issue. Is there any workaround for this?
  7. R

    E1: FAT Client debugging- force spawned UBE to run local

    On the E1 Fat client (Tools 9.1.3), I am trying to run the R04572 in debugger. The problem is, this report is initiated from the P04572 which triggers the R04571, which in turn will triggers the R04572. I need to force the local web client (OC4J web server) to use the FAT client as the ENT...
  8. A

    Unable to get the PDF output while running BI Publisher report from RDA & BV

    Dear All, When i'm running Bi publisher report from BV or RDA getting output in XML format. I checked in application P95620 but there by default output is PDF and also re uploaded the RTF template again but still getting the same result XML output. What could possibly be the problem..? Thank...
  9. P

    UBE R5742565 taking too much time for specific users

    I am facing wired issue with UBE R5742565 on JDE E1 9.0 . For same order number working absolutely fine for one user and taking 20 min to other user . Can someone help like how user role is related to UBE execution . for most of user it is working ok but when it come to some specific user (4-5...
  10. A

    R04572 Check Printing

    I created a new version for the check Printing report (R04572) so how would I update the system so that the new version is run whenever i call from application P04571 & P0413M? I defined the custom version in P0417 application still while running R04572 Form P0413M or P04517 it is by default...
  11. U

    FAT Client and Web Client giving different output.

    Dear All, I am struggling since many days for resolving this issue. I have modified the Custom UBE, added few fields and changed position of few fields. When I run it in FAT Client, the output comes perfectly OK. but when I run it in DV/PY web Client it is not coming same as coming in FAT...
  12. K

    UBE on Demo 9.2

    Hi, I am unable to run BV from Fat client 9.2 Demo..., no response when I do data selection. Not sure what went wrong with my installation (on Win8.1)..! Any of you had this issue? Any tricks to run UBEs from web..!? Please suggest with fix or work-around. Thanks.
  13. E

    Printing UBE in other languages.

    Hi Everyone. Would like to ask if there's any specific way to print UBE in another language besides the default language setup. Example: Printing An Invoice in English and in Chinese. Thanks. Regards, Edmamba24
  14. E

    How to setup Local Fat client to use OCM mapping

    I have setup OCM mappings for a new custom table. I have crated a UBE and Interactive application to read data from the custom table. When I execute the UBE locally, it does not use the OCM mappings and always uses the default datasource for the current environment. If I run the UBE on the web...
  15. K

    JDE requirment to devlope UBE or APP .

    Hi, I have work in jde BSSV from last 2 years . now I want to do practice for JDE UBE and APP development but dont have much requirement or examples which i can try . can someone provide any document having examples (i am ok if you dont have ans with it) for UBE development or complex...
  16. tatscub

    E1 Pages Error "Versions with Client marked as 'Client Only' cannot be submitted

    E1 Pages Error "Versions with Client marked as 'Client Only' cannot be submitted Hello there , I have a second e1 pages error I am encountering and would very definatly appreciate any help from more experienced E1Pages veterans out there . I am trying to get a UBE to prompt...