Has anyone found a way to monitor for large JDE PDF's and prevent them from processing?



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I have not looked through E1 forums yet but I think everyone here has this type of problem. User runs a job with wrong data selection resulting in a JDE PDF sent to CformServer to process that has to be manually killed (if found before it finishes and generates thousands of unwanted emails/pages printed).

I'm looking for input for what people have implemented to prevent this problem. I'm not a CNC or E1 Developer so I don't know what options are available in E1. We are running with AS/400 platform and I've asked that team if OUTQ has a parameter or WTR job can monitor the size of job (bytes) allowed to send. I have tried all the options I can think of in the Cform application but have not found anything that would work.

Does anyone have any solutions?

Cform v8.0
E1 9.2


there are several options.

  • We are using the E1 Scheduler where there are submission options to terminate after X minutes. So if you know your job should only take 10 minutes (for example) then you could set X to 15.
  • You can secure data selection on processes which run the highest risks.
  • And there is also option in Report design to limit rows to process (i think this works only primary section - so might not be useful).
  • If the process is customised then proc options (eg. date range) can be used to drive the data selection by overriding data selection in the initialization code and you can then secure proc options.

HolderAndrew - Thanks for your input! I will pass it along to the team.

My thoughts about putting a limit on OUTQ will not work because the parameter is # of pages and the JDE PDF spool files all show as 1 page regardless of the actual size of the JDE PDF. I also thought about monitoring the PrintQueue folder on the IFS for large files. That would also need the process configuration to change since as soon as job runs with "Print Immediate" the JDE PDF from PrintQueue goes to OUTQ. I could monitor for large files and send out alert/notification but I would not be able to prevent E1 from sending them to the OUTQ as the system runs currently.