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GUI Interface problems


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We modified a JDE program about a year ago by cloning an existing program and making our custom mods to it. This is a subfile application, with detail information within the subfile and totals in the "footer" record.

The columns line up perfectly when this program is using the emulator mode, but are way out of sync when using the GUI/400 interface.

It appears that the subfile data is using smaller fonts, while the control record and the trailer record are using standard fonts. Is there anyway to correct this?

Thanks in advance


This is a problem which can only be fixed using the GUI/400 Developers Tool from
Seagull. We have made many modifications to JDE screens and have created many
custom screens. These are all modified/created with the Seagull product. There
is no easy fix. The product is fairly easy to learn, but changing the JDE
screens is a little tricky. Seagull support is very helpful, but without the
training class you will be lost.

Email me directly if you have more questions.

Gary Rathburn
AS/400 Systems Administrator
Pentair Water Techologies
V4R4 - A73 Cum 8

Diana_Apple <d_l_apple@yahoo.com> on 04/26/2001 04:07:27 PM


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I have finally taken the Seagull GUI/400 course. I was the only one in the class from a JDE shop. One thing I did learn was that a lot of what the class taught would not be applicable in a JDE shop.

I did learn that I need to get JDE's templates to help me create the JDE look and feel to my custom applications. Can you tell me how/where to get them?

I know as I get involved in this, tons of issues/questions are going to occur. Is there a resource someone on the internet or at JDE who can assist me when this happens?

Thanks in advance


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Seagull is a business partner with JDE, they should provide you with the
template. I'm not sure what was the purpose of attending the Seagull
GUI/400 sourse? You could order from JDE World VISION which uses Seagull
I suggest to save your energy, efforts, time and money to OneWorld.

Emad Banoub
Motgomery Watson
Pasadena, CA
A7.3 cu 12/X3 - Xe SP 13.0

Diana_Apple <d_l_apple@yahoo.com>@jdelist.com on 06/15/2001 10:46:54 AM

If I recall correctly, you will need to get the templates from JDE.

As far as questions, I have some experience with the GUI product. I've been
away from it for over a year now.

Seagull tech support is really good with questions also, as long as they aren't
specifically about World Vision.

Feel free to contact me directly.

Gary Rathburn
AS/400 Systems Administrator
Pentair Pump Group
World A73 Cum 8 coexistant One World B7322 SP12 (A/R Only)


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If you are a licensed WorldVisionT or Self-Service customer contact Response
line they can help you.

Director Solutions Delivery
WolrdSoftware Division


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If you manage to get the "source" for the Seagull panels from JDE please let
me know. We have tried several times via JDE Australia and haven't had any
luck. We would dearly love to lay hands on the templates for several panels
with irksome inconsistencies and minor glitches.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill