A8.9 aw9rt.exe (GUI/400 RTS Pro 4.1C1) + Windows 10



I know that we have an old system. We use what we called WorldVision. GUI/400 RTS Pro v4.1C1.
On Windows 10 with an Office 365, when we double click on the icon, nothing appears. The process aw9rt.exe is there if you go to the task manager. If we disable all Office 365, teams, skypes from the startup of windows 10, sometimes the login screen appears, but that rarely happens.

The icon has this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\World Vision\Aw9rt.exe" /etelnet
We already try to see if there is any log file or something that could help us understand why is this happening.

We already try the .exe in compatibility mode, admin rights. Nothing work so far. The only stable environment is Windows 7 with Office 2010.

As anyone had the same issue? Is there any way we can solve this?

Marcos Fernandes


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Marcos, we have had this issue for years. Not only with Windows 10, but also with Windows 7. The only work around that we have found is to make sure the user starts GUI/400 first when they log in to their pc. That always seems to work for us. We haven't been able to determine what job, executable stops the aw9rt.exe from bringing up the login screen and we have done some extensive testing on this. Often when we have this issue, the user will have multiple aw9rt.exe's running in their Task Manager. We have ended programs there one at a time as well. Sometimes the login screens will popup after ending a task or a multiple tasks, sometimes not at all until the pc is restarted. And since this isn't supported by Oracle on Windows 10, the opening GUI/400 first after login has been our best solution. Sorry I don't have more to offer.