GL Records creation


Hi All,

We have a requirement where we need to process close to 1 million transactions and burst those into multiple lines based on some rules and transaction types. The expected burst volume is 3-5 million transactions. We are trying to see if it will be feasible to perform the bursting logic i.e., converting 1 to many configuring required rules in JDE through a custom solution. Need your inputs on the following points:

1. Can we handle such volume of records in JDE through some batch process?
2. Considering the volume of transactions, can we choose to have separate database outside JDE for input and output (burst details)? This means we need to access foreign tables for bursting process and write output to another foreign DB? Can this be done?

Any inputs much appreciated.


Antony Lenin
E9.1(9.1.4), SQL 2008 DB on Win Server 2008