Getting PDF with metadata from JDE to Transform Designer to test modifications


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I had opened a ticket with BT a while back and did not get any helpful solution except to review the online help. Did not find anything there! If someone could describe the process of getting a JDE PDF into the Data Samples folder with the metadata, I would be forever in your debt! I have tried running R42565 version from fat client, copying pdf output into the Data Samples folder, but when I try to bring it into my template I get an error "Data is an Enterpriseone PDF, but it contains no metadata."

If I understand your request properly, there is a setting in the Enterprise Server JDE.INI that causes the Data Items to be included as meta data in the PDF files produced.

In stanza [UBE] add the following setting

If you are going to run jobs on a FAT client you will need that in the JDE.INI file for the fat client.

I think when you update the JDE.INI file for the E1 Enterprise server you have to stop/start services for the change to be recognized.

BT has the information for changing the JDE.INI file in the user guide/documentation for the AcroReader plug-in. Why they put a key piece of information in a document that most people never even see is unknown to me.