E9.2 Flat Rate Rebate Setup


I am setting up a rebate for a customer that is always a specific percentage, regardless of amount/quantity ordered. I setup the Rebate price adjustment and added the detail record with the specific customer number and percentage. There is a Rebate row exit from P4072 that takes you to P4077. All of the documentation I can find shows that you use P4077 to manage the thresholds when you have varying rebates and you are setting the From Level in P4072. Nothing I can find explicitly says that you always need to setup P4077 (even if you have a flat rate rebate) or that you only need to setup P4077 in certain circumstances.

Do I need to do anything with P4077 for this rebate? Our testing is going well, so far, without entering data in P4077. But I'm concerned we may be missing something that will impact us later.
Hi Craig005, the answer depends...
Do you want to automatically generate Credit Notes to pay the Rebate and/or use the Rebate Inquiries?
If yes, you need F4077 to populate F4078.
In short...
F4072 specifies how you accrue the liability for the Rebate
F4077 specifies how you are to pay the Rebate
F4078 holds your progress to date and how much is owing to pay
F4079 holds the details orders that have gone into building F4078
UBE R42760 reads F4078 and creates a Credit Order for the Rebate Payable (and adjusts the Rebate Paid on the F4078, unless Reset History =1)

If no F4077, I expect it will behave like a simple Accrual (not a Rebate) - but I haven't tested that.
Note: I have known of users who set up F4077 just to populate the F4078/F4079 tables for reporting, not to generate Credit. Others generate Credit at a Held status and then review/manipulate the Credit to finalise the final Rebate Amount to pay.

Note 2: In P4077, you can specify Rebate Type = 1 which allows a flat %, then add a single line with a threshold of 1 (e.g. Pay x% regardless of how much is sold - which kind of sounds like your scenario)

Craig007 ;)