Fix Current ESU - CA Batch


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Dear List,

I recently completed the Fix current in DV environment and I had done the fix current in PS a couple of weeks back. The PS is fix current with date Aug 2015 and DV is Fix current with date Sept, 2015.
What we are noticing is that there were a lot of ESUs (like 200 odd) which have been applied to PS but not in DV. I have some ESU which has a build date of 2013/2014 and 2015 which should have been applied to DV but for some reason have been excluded from the Fix Current batch. These ESUs have however been applied to PS when I did the fix current.

Has anybody seen this before, what could be the reason the CA would skip/omit these ESUs.

I randomly sleected 2 ESU from the list which has not been applied. One with no dependency and one with a dependency. Created a new batch with these 2 ESUs and the 17 other dependencies, went ahead applied to DV.... same result. The 17 dependent ESUs were skipped and the 2 ESUs were not even incouded in the Batch.

What could be the reason?

iSeries V7R1