Find Browse to Fix Inspect call not working



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Hi guys,

I've got a perplexing issue I've not seen in my 13 yrs as an E1 developer. I think I've become complacent :)

I have a FB form that clicking ok takes you to the FI for update

I have code in the FB to map the GC values into the FI call

I have code in the FI to populate the FC values with the FI values passed in


No matter what I do when I envoke the FI, the fields are always blank

This is a super simple appl link that I've written loads of times before but for the life of me I can't figure it out :)

Any help please as it's been a long day


How annoying

Form properties
Fetch on Form/Subform Business View needs to be unticked

I'm sure I didn't tick that box and I did a FB to FI link just last week and that worked fine

Anyway it's working