E9.0 Find/Browse form


Hello, I'm new here, I'm a beginner in JDE world and I need some help/informations.
I want to develop an application using a Find/Browse form. The application has to show the data from a business view depends the header parrameters like AID,FY and PN.
So, I created a Find/Browse form and I attached my business view. In grid i put all the columns from the busines view and in the header of this form I put AID,FY and PN(from business view). Then on the event rules/Grid record is fetched I used an if condition(if aid,fy,pn is not equal to blank) - fetch single(FC AID,FY,PN-> return GC x,y,z...) from my businees view. i also tried with select all,fetch next. In my head this works like select * from business view where aid=input from header, fy=input from header,pn=input from header and show it in the grid, but it didn't work.(the ouput was GC AID = FC AID, GC FY = FC FY, GC PN = FC PN and the other columns are like a select * from business view without a where clause) .Can anyone give me some informations about my mistakes and details about what should I do to make it functional. Maybe to use for header a header detail form, or to put the code in the another section or to use a c function to populate the gird...

Thank you and sorry for my question, I didn't find enough informations on internet(JDE documentations).

Have a great day!
Oh my! You should be able to just apply filter field settings to your header. I'd remove the ER logic from grid record fetched

R click your business view fields on the header, and find the Filter section of the properties for that field. You might have to select the equals setting. You might also have to select the Wildcard display for text fields.