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Fetch Next Removing Trailing Blanks From Returned Values on 9.2 Web Client

Neal Scarr

Active Member
We are our testing our applications on tools release and have found an issue with Fetch Next event rules. On the web client trailing blanks are being removed from the returned value but on the fat client they are not. On previous 9.x tools releases the blanks were not removed.

This is causing us issues because we concatenate the values returned from the Fetch Next statements into 256 character strings that we use as keys for tree control nodes. When a node is selected we retrieve the node key and use sub-strings to find the correct values. Because the trailing blanks are being removed it means the values stored the 256 character field do not start in the positions we expect.

Oracle have replicated the issue but they have said they won't fix it because they say it is the fat client that is behaving incorrectly not the web client!

Has anybody else come across this issue on 9.2 as I would like to push back on Oracle.