FAT Client and Web Client giving different output.

umang soni

Dear All,

I am struggling since many days for resolving this issue.

I have modified the Custom UBE, added few fields and changed position of few fields.
When I run it in FAT Client, the output comes perfectly OK. but when I run it in DV/PY web Client it is not coming same as coming in FAT Client .

Below steps I have taken till date for troubleshooting
I thought it promotional issue so I checked out the object on another project and get it promoted but same issue.
I copied the report to another report and prompted it but same issue.
I run the report in local web (FAT Client's) but same issue is over there
I deleted the version and recreated but same issue is there.

Attached image file for reference
Please guide.

Web Client.jpg FAT Client.jpg


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Did you build and deploy a package (either an update or full one) to your batch server(s)? You need to do this to get your changes to be reflected when run from your DV/PY web client.

umang soni

Dear Chandrakant,

E1 Version : 910

Tool Release :

When I compare Local and PY Enviorment using E R Comapre I cant see any difference.

There is the difference of output, location of field and few values are coming blank.

I have attached two images... FAT Client output is coming perfect. while WEB Client giving blank and uncertain output.

Chan Rana

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When you say no changes are reflected. does it show the old spec?. if so you might want to check the build log for this package as it might have some error in there.


umang soni


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Dear Chandrakant,

Yes the output shows the old spec. as I have only developer role, I cant see the build log.
Can you please guide me if I can build with developer role from FAT Client.

umang soni

I did one more thing.

In Testing Environment we have default server to execute the Job.
I changed the server from advance row exit option and code is running fine on another server and giving me expected output.

Now please guide me what is wrong with current server giving the different output.

umang soni


The issue is resolved.
I had made change in two tables for modifying the report.

I removed the additional fields which were added and used extra filed which were kept for future use.
Promoted the report, two tables and business view.

And now the prefect output is there.
I assume spec corruption at server side.

thanks for the support.


Yes In this case . You can ask for admin team to clear Run time cache and UBEoverride while service restart to be exact . clearing Runtime cache probably will solve this issue on the enterprise server .