1. E9.2 The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly.

    Issue when applying web package build. On Windows Event Viewer where deployment server is installed we got: The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly. This happened 6 time(s). Any help ? Thanks
  2. Prevent Web (Skinny) Versions for a Specific UBE

    I will be updating all versions of R09801 so that they submit to the same single-threaded queue. However, if a user creates a web version the job queue cannot be specified so then it will default to another queue. Is there a way to prevent web versions on a specific UBE? I don't want to take...
  3. FAT Client and Web Client giving different output.

    Dear All, I am struggling since many days for resolving this issue. I have modified the Custom UBE, added few fields and changed position of few fields. When I run it in FAT Client, the output comes perfectly OK. but when I run it in DV/PY web Client it is not coming same as coming in FAT...
  4. Moving E812 to Windows 2008 and SQL 2008

    We are trying to move a customer to Win 2008 and SQL 2008. I had everything working pretty well including the web servers. I am now installing a new OAS server on Win 2008 and just about have everything running. In the midst of doing this they swapped the environment Datasources to SQl 2008...