False commitment



Hi All,

I am having one issue in inventory commitment. When i checked for one item in Summery availability screen it is showing around 57 quantity. But when I checked all open orders with status range 520 to 550 it is coming around 97 .

When I checked on supply demand screen I could see that one sales order is having false commit where as one forecast entry is also there for which the quantities are got committed without any So number.

Please suggest on this.
You should look at R42995 - Repost Active Sales Orders. It will re-evaluate quantities and commitments based on active records in F4211.
Many years ago I reported s similar situation to Oracle.
The R42995 repost was not enough because the report will only recalculate if there is valid records in F4211.

Oracle's answer was that I should create my own report to check for it.

The way to correct it manually is to create a "Dummy" sales order to have a record in F4211 (minus the committed quantity), then run the repost and cancel the dummy order.