inventory management

  1. E9.2 ABC Analysis (R4164) to F4101

    Can the "ABC Analysis" (R4164) program be configured to write its results to the F4101 (item master) table, as opposed to the F4102 (item branch) table? Looking at the table definition (, the F4101 table does appear have ABC fields (e.g...
  2. kpankaj1987

    False commitment

    Hi All, I am having one issue in inventory commitment. When i checked for one item in Summery availability screen it is showing around 57 quantity. But when I checked all open orders with status range 520 to 550 it is coming around 97 . When I checked on supply demand screen I could see that...
  3. Last Purchased Price in JDE

    Dear Friends, Can you advise how can we setup to populate the last purchased price in PO detail while entered the Item Number? We are using cost methods 01 (Last In) & 02 (WAC). Can achieve this requirement through standard JDE or we need to go for customization? Please advise. Thanks in...
  4. Parent Lot in Inventory management

    Would like to use how inventory can be tracked using parent lot(PLOT) and Lot-serial(LOTN) in inventory management. I have a requirement to track transactions of a receipt batch from end to end. Any persons, who used this feature, please suggest ways. Thanks in advance.