F4311EditLine fails on Server


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Hi List,

we are having problems running P43060 in our J-environments, on both HTML and fat clients. The error on the screen says: Invalid Account Number. We have drilled down the problem to BSFN F4311EditLine or xt4311z2 . When it is mapped to the ES the process fails, local it runs ok. The log on the ES says: COB0000120 - Business function passed incorrect error map to CallObject! This is supposed to be ok. There are no errors in the server's jde_debug.log.
I have rebuild full packages for clients and server.
All the help we got from Denver so far is to compare the OCM mappings. They are 100% the same (original) in our case.

My last hope is the LIST!

Thanks in advance, Gerd
Xe SP15.1, NT/Oracle, NT-JAServer, fat and HTML clients

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We had this problem on our server to, and we fixed it just by building the
XT4311z1 and z1 functions and putting it back on the server.
More over the error u get, could be fixed which is not essentially a bug,
the Callobject is passing a structure and the it has to pass the number of
elements in the structure, but it might be passed as NULL. Check which BSFN
is giving u this error.
Might be this helps.