Expense Management - Delegate Functionality**


We are in process of Implementing Expense Management module, to our surprise we found that standard delegate function is not working and oracle confirmed that it is a bug.

Our requirement is to allow the secretaries of CEO & senior managers to enter the expenses on their behalf. Please suggest any Workaround.
When we inplemented this module Oracle told us that this funcutionality had been removed. We did a customization inorder to put this back as we agree that users do not always do thier own claims.
Hi Ann,

I would be very interested to know what you did to get this working , we are in a similar situation , we can get the secretary to key and submit the expenses , but if any are rejected then its only the claimant that can resubmit them, and this is the major stumbling block , how would you get around this?
We do not have this problem with the rejections. Our set up is that the AP do all the input and the AP supervisor approves. (the employees do an excell sheet like before as we wanted the reimbursement though payroll). If the supervisor rejects no one gets an email - this may have been part of the customization I can't remember. The empoyee only gets an email when we submit the payment to payroll.
Hi Ann,

if an expense gets rejected , who then amends and resubmits? , in the standard system now it only allows the Claimant