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If we apply ESU's , it wipes out all custom changes for the application??

Is there any way to retain them even after applying ESUs?

We are tired of applying ESUs and re-applying custom changes again and again
and again and.....!!!!

Thanks & Regards,

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Hey, Venkat
It depends on ... as you very well know it already, on your OneWorld release.
(I will put your system configuration information onto the wall again, but please, write me again because I have lost it somewhere :))

1.) ESU handling and effects are very different in B7332 and XE.
2.) There is a "Visual ER Compare" feature in XE which make much more easier to retrofit ERs (I haven't used it yet) and many useful enhancement.
3.) Read the "What an Upgrade Preserves and Replaces" section in your OW documentation (e.g. Develepment Tools) to learn more about the effect of an ESU.
3.) JDE announced previously that they will roll back ESU handling enhancment from XE to B7332 (like automatic package definition, Backup and restore capability, Software Update History, Less confusing naming convention, Visual Compare, etc.)
NOW THEY ANOUNCED THAT IT IS AVAILABLE. Go to the Knowledge Garden and open the "Announcing the availability of B73.3.2 ESU Installation Enhancements" link to know more about it.
Hope could help a bit.

P.S.: Implore, FILL your SIGNATURE in your profile. You are a "newbie" already, you have to know how you can do it or do you need help about it? :)))

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)