N/A error in API weather


hi, I would like to use a weather API and get information in json. However, I tried different APIs with EnterpriseOne and it gives me the following error:
The open API endpoint version is different from 2.0.
We probably need more info, but also there might be things nobody here can support such as network restrictions.

Which specific endpoint are you trying to call?
What security method(s) are you using to connect? How did you implement them in your orchestration/connection/connector?
Are you able to successfully call the REST endpoint from the same network as the Orchestration stack, using a tool like Postman?

The questions to clarify have almost nothing to do with orchestrator itself (yet), but more likely to do with how you're calling, how the calls are secured, and what the network topography is between your machine and the rest endpoint host.

Orchestration REST calls can be tricky but become much easier if we have the postman side figured out in advance.
Thanks for that, there is no other information you're passing to the endpoint in the HTTP header? YOu may want to remove or change the key from the end as I assume that is what costs your account on usage.

How are you calling this within orchestration? Screenshots or adding a zip of your orchestration would be best.