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Fernando A.

Does anyone has an idea how to set up COLOR by Environment so people VISUALIZE and NOTICE the environment they are trying to sign in based on the color of the Initial Page?

Thanks a lot.
Just replace the picture like what we did in our company.


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Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that Oracle will not support an issue if you have changed the color as it is "not vanilla"?
According to Oracle Doc ID 657476.1, it is still not supported. There is a pending enhancement request (Bug 16384394) for this.
Hey Stewart, Great Article. It is something many customers out there will need to do once they move to 9.1.5 and above.

Have you also been able to make any changes to the Login Page in 9.15. Previously this was possible by customizing the html4login.jsp file, but I believe that with the new 9.1.5 UI , this has to be handled differently ? I was about to dig into this but thought I would check if you had found a way already .

By the way I also tried posting a response in E1tips but was unable to.

Glad you liked it.

I haven't played with the login page, yet. 9.1.5 is in our test instance, but we haven't had a chance to move anyone there yet. Have fun!

BTW, didn't we meet at Collab15 a few weeks ago? I seem to remember your callsign.
Ok , I'll start digging then :)

Yes we did meet at Collab15 at the Smart Scheduler booth
Quick update , the html4login.jsp file still exists in tools 9.1.5 and can be customized like before if you want to change the login page. In my case it was to publish a link to take users to a single sign on link . Haven't tried anything else yet.
I remember having done that for fun on my standalone 2 years ago. Sadly i didnt write notes for which files to modify. If i remember well, all the colors were inside a css file, colors were in hexadecimal RGB, i just inverted green and blue values using notepad ++ and regex search and replace. Then had to change a lot of images from blueish to greenish. I used gimp for that which had a plugin for that if i remember correctly. I imagine theres even more images now with the new look and feel.