1. Olivia_Terrell

    Just curious.. How does everyone else test their security roles?

    I would love to find a way to actually be able to create test security roles and promote them in DEV to PY before getting them into PROD. Just curious--how does everyone else do it? Or does everyone just create a test role (like I do) and then copy the permissions from it onto the final...
  2. Report not showing all the records

    Hello All, Have created a business view joining 4 tables. The primary table is connected to two tables with a simple join. The 4 th table is joined to one of the two 2ry ry tables with a simple join. It should return 54 records. But it returns only 32 for the report. From the logs of the UBE...
  3. Environment by COLOR

    Does anyone has an idea how to set up COLOR by Environment so people VISUALIZE and NOTICE the environment they are trying to sign in based on the color of the Initial Page? Thanks a lot.