EDI File Layout - JDE Enterprise One 9.0

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Jeffrey G. Jenkins

We are in the process of implementing JDE EDI functionality with High Jump software's TrueCommerce acting as the translator software. I need to be able to get an 850 file layout to the HighJump folks and am wondering what the best way to do that would be.


Jeff J
There are various jde predefined interoperability files for various edi pro cesses.=A0 Find one that is closest to to your edi job and map/define your inbound (3rd party) file according. You may need to setup/define a cross re ference file vital for seamless bidirectional communication between two sys tems. =0AJude=0ASr. JDE Apps.=A0 Solution Consultant=0A=0ASent from Yahoo M ail on Android=0A=0A