E9.2 E1 Weblogic Server Loadbalancing


Hello Experts
We are facing a performance issue with our production weblogic server. At this time we only have one server but our company has grown alot. We used to have on 60-70 users on that server but now we have 120+ at any given time.
We want to add more servers but need to know what kind of options are available out there for loadbalancing the weblogc servers.

One option under consideration is to just add another server and direct a certain group of users to just log in to that server (The cheapest option). I would like to know what else can be done to accommodate these many users. What are the couple of otions we have?

Thank you
If you are already using Weblogic you can setup OHS as a simple load balancer. You should be able to find plenty of documentation for this.
Otherwise people tend to buy hardware load balancers like the F5.
As Jean Driscoll mentioned, people use Oracle HTTP Sserver (OHS) in from of WebLogic Server or a hardware load balancer. In our case we use both. We use an A10 load balancer (competitor to F5) and address each instance in OHS, which has a virtual host entry for each instance. We have 4 instances on each server spread out over 5 servers - Windows 2016 for the web servers and AS400 for the backend. We had specific reasons to use both OHS and a hardware load balancer, but for simplicity's sake you should be able to get by with one or the other.
I've used an F5, it has worked well for us. I normally top our a WebLogic server at 100 active users, I allow 200 just in case, and run weblogic/JDE html instance per CPU on the server.
We use the Oracle recommended/suggested method for HTML WebLogic load balancing E1 9.2 Tools See document JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1.4 Clustering Best Practices with Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 (Doc ID 1935421.1) , check for any updated documentations. This works very well for us with about 350 users on 3 VM guest servers(for vertical and horizontal HTML servers). We also created an identical configuration for high availability.
I second (or third?) that, load balancing via OHS works like a charm. Very easy setup as well if you've ever used httpd/apache :)