load balancer

  1. E9.2 E1 Weblogic Server Loadbalancing

    Hello Experts We are facing a performance issue with our production weblogic server. At this time we only have one server but our company has grown alot. We used to have on 60-70 users on that server but now we have 120+ at any given time. We want to add more servers but need to know what kind...
  2. indibda

    Load Balancing BSSV instances on OCI

    Hi Everybody, We are implementing JDE 9.2 on OCI. Currently, our HTML instances are hosted on weblogic server and we have an oracle load balancer hosted above our web servers for high availability, load balancing and fail over. Now, we are looking for similar configuration for our bssv instance...
  3. JDE 9.2 websphere F5 load balancing issue

    Hi, We are currently upgrading a customer to 9.2 and trying to configure a new load balancer using the F5 but having an issue we removing instances, sessions are still hitting the 'disabled' instance. The ent & web servers are hosted on a iseries machine (Iseries 23X) with webSphere 8.5.5. We...