JDE 9.2 websphere F5 load balancing issue


We are currently upgrading a customer to 9.2 and trying to configure a new load balancer using the F5 but having an issue we removing instances, sessions are still hitting the 'disabled' instance.

The ent & web servers are hosted on a iseries machine (Iseries 23X) with webSphere 8.5.5.
We have configured one VIP with 2 separate ports for production. I have tested these individually and using the VIP, surface tests are successful.
When i remove and instance from the VIP, traffic appears to be directed to the correct instance but when i check the sessions in SVM, this shows I am still connecting to the 'disable' instance. (I've attached a screenshot as for example)

Has anyone configure load balancer using the F5 with WebSphere and come similar issues when removing instances? or
Also, any advice with F5 load balancing and webSphere configurations would be appreciated.



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It might be that you need to have your "keepalive" notifier in the loadbalancer configured to specifically disable when a port goes offline - ie, when an instance goes down. Also - check to see if the http: port isn't available when the instance goes down. If you're using IBM HTTP Server, then it might still be providing an active port though the JDE HTML is offline, and if the loadbalancer isn't configured correctly to check the actual content, it will still believe that node is still available.