E1 9.0 Demo install issues


When I try to launch the web portion. I get the following error messages.
- Could not find WebServer
- Could not start WebServer
- Failed to Launch E1 Menu on HTML server

I am attaching logs.

Also, here's other related information

I used the SQL install.

E1 is installed on D:\E900, not on C:\
I hope this doesn't break anything.

The ODBC data source has a
EnterpriseSSELocal data source which is connecting.
Then the other OSBC DS is OneworldODA.

In the registry, the HTMLWebServerserver, JDBCDrivers key is pointing to D:\E900\MISC directory. The misc directory doesn't exist.

I copied the .jar files from the SQL JDBC install to


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I got the same problem when i was installing 9.00 on my machine.
You please run "OH4A1013_setup.exe" file, which is there in the following directory. Then it will install web server on your machine.

It will definetly help to solve your problem.

I reinstalled E1 following the steps given in the link

I also used these steps for JDK install form the same above given thread. I let the JRE part install in the default path that comes with the JDK install
1. Create the C:\Temp\JDK folder.
2. Create the C:\E900\system\JDK folder.
3. Download the JDK. http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index_jdk5.jsp
4. Install the JDK to the C:\Temp\JDK folder, make sure that the downloaded executable is not in this folder.
5. Copy the bin, include, jre and lib fold