Developer user is keep getting disabled account message


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Hey guys,
I have an strange issue where one of my developers is kepp getting account disabled many times a day since last week when he was prompted to change his password on fat client connection.
This is not hapening to anyone else and it is only when he is working on fat client. I gave him different fact client and he is getting the same result from two different fat clients. I also created a totally new account but still the same.
I wonder if anyone if you have experienced that.


Application release: 9.0
OS: Windows 2008 R2
SQL 2008 R2
Client: Windows 7
Make sure the dev didn't use their own account to schedule anything. Also, did they use their own account for any interface type stuff? I had a user plain text a password in a batch file with a RUNUBE quite a few times and forget completely about it.

Are there any weird entries in the F9312 for the dev that point to a different machine?
Thanks for your reply TFZ. As far as I checked with developer he has not use his account anywhere esle but stangely I reset his password without prompt to change and set his passwrod without special character which since then he has not any propblem. It seems like he has used ampersand (&) in his password.
I've actually seen that before (but it was a single quote and not an ampersand on an AS400.) The user's session would hang and lock out after submitting UBE's. Glad you were able to get it fixed!