Re-Installation of Enterprise & Database Server in Existing JDE 9.1 Instance


Hello All,

We have installed JDE 9.1 instance with below configuration.

DEP Server- Windows 2008 R2 (64 Bit Machine)
Enterprise server & Oracle Database on same machine – Windows 2008 R2 (64 Bit machine)
HTML server

Due to some issues E1 server C drive got exhausted(only 30 MB space left) and there was no option except reinstalling the Enterprise & Database server on different Drive of same machine .
Have followed below steps to do the same but I have not been able to control Enterprise server instance via server manager. (It is in Stopped stage and not getting started even if we manually start JDE E(10 Network Service). Please check the steps and let me know if I have missed any.

  1. Uninstalled all oracle software’s successfully from C drive.(Platform Pack, Database, Native Client & management agent)
  2. All Microsoft Visual Studio Components & Service packs are already installed so have not re installed them.
  3. Installed Oracle 11g r2 32 Bit Native Client with Instant Client option. (Installed in F Drive)
  4. Installed Oracle 11g r2 Database selection Standard Option. (Installed in F Drive)
  5. Installed Platform Pack selecting both Enterprise server and database server components.(No back up data. Fresh database is installed)
  6. Installed Management agent. (Installed in F Drive).

All installation went successful and verified the logs for the same as well. Have already verified the services running and Environment variable set up and It is as per standards. Not sure if I have to re run the platform pack again. Kindly let me know the steps that needs to be followed while re installing this Enterprise & database server keeping rest all configuration as it is.(DEP Server, Server manager, HTML Server etc.).