Single Sign-on with OAM


Hi List,
we have recently went live with Oracle single sign-on with OAM. Out of about +4000 users 50 are not successful. They are all existing users on the system prior to single sign-on and their account are all matched in AD the same way we have matched the rest of 4000 users. However, when they launch production URL they get "Internet Explorer cannot display the page". I have attached the screenshot.
We have also added the URL to the safe site of the browser but still the same only for these random users.
Anyone experiencing similar issue?

Thanks for your response.

Application: JDE ERP 9.0
Tools Release:
E1 servers OS: Windows 2008 R2
DB: SQL 2008 R2
Client's IE version: IE9.0, IE 10.0, IE 11.0
OAM version:
Web logic version: Oracle Web Logic Server 11g Version


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Just to let you know that we have found the issue and that was a packet sizing limitation on F5 load balancer not matching with requires size on OAM. On a failed login the client receives an HTTP 504 when it tries to send 43 695 bytes and it seems like this will truncate the actual size of the network packet if a network profile large (e.g. a user with many network roles and access) and therefore OAM cannot authenticate the AD account to pass it to JDE.
We have increased the http request header size on F5 to 65536 bytes and that took care of the issue.
For anyone going through the same issue.


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Excellent advice. Seems there might be a number of other issues that this might resolve. If you have an F5 - check your HTTP Request Header Size !!!