Date Invalid or missing Error during po receipt creation


Dear All,

I have created one Purchase order,when i am creating a receipt process for that PO, I am geeting date Invalid or missing Error.

please find the attached screen shoot for your refernace.and please let me know why i am getting this kind of error here.


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    PO Receipt error.JPG
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Hello, I know this thread is past one year, but did you find the issue with the debug? I have the same error

thank you

**On our side, the issue was an invalid # of lot in the F47072 table (we populated this table to use R47071 for the receipt)
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Hello, I know my reply is very late. But it may help someone.

I had the same problem and after a lot of searching, I found the problem in payment terms of the PO. In my case, I found the payment terms code PTC in F4311 different from the supplier master F0401 payment terms. I updated using SQL. It worked fine after that.

Muhammad Salaheddin