Customer Complaint - JDE Visual ER Compare


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Dear JD Edwards Development/Customer Services,

First, I would like to take an opportunity to applaud your Visual Event Rule
Compare tool. This single tool has allowed the XE developers to review MODs
within JDE code better than anything else I have been able to find on the

Prior to VERC, it was a painstaking process to copy ER from previous
versions of One World to updated versions. Transcribing ER, one line at a
time, was a miserable situation that consumed valuable developer time.
Anyone that Migrates MOD'd objects from previous versions of OW to XE will
find the tool a godsend, just like I have.

I can't say thank you, enough... VERC has saved our migration hundreds of

<now the plea>

It is the suggestion of JDE that clients copy JDE objects and make
modifications to the copies. This process of copying allows JDE to update
source with ESUs to maintain a baseline. The concept of not having MOD'd
code to worry about works very good in the, fictional, corporate

VERC does not have an ability to compare or merge against objects that don't
have the same object name. This single hitch places a JDE Developer in a
situation where VERC becomes a frustration, rather than the solution as

Once an object is copied to a new name and modified, there is a very
difficult path to compare the copied object against the original. When an
ESU is applied against the original, it is even more frustrating due to the
inability to compare the MOD'd object against the ESU'd

Recently I requested, of our JDE Account Executive, to research this issue.
I received a reply that comparing objects with different names was not
supported - and there doesn't seem to be any motion to change.

JD Edwards, Please consider additional development of the VERC tool to
allow it to compare objects of the same type, but with different names. You
have taken this tiny little tool so far - it would be an enormous
disappointment to leave it unfinished.

If you are going to continue to suggest to your clients to copy objects to
new names - in order to make modification - then you need to finish the tool
that will allow the copies to stay current.

Please reconsider the development of VERC to include comparing against same
object types with different names. I am not alone in this request to make
VERC more flexible.


Daniel Bohner
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


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Ask your JDE Account Rep to submit this request to Denver Development.
Contrary to popular belief JDE Development does listen to what customers
would like to see in the product.


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Right behind you on this one, need to be able to compare Custom copies of
standard JDE, with the original. It also helps to identify what has been

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Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
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Excellent request!!!! I agree 200%! I will forward it to my Account Rep.
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I think VERC tool is not complete without this facility.
For the survival, what we do is; keep a copy of the original JDE program with the new name in a separate path code or in Pristine.
eg; P4310MOD - PD7333 (Customized)
P4310MOD - PY7333 (Customized)
P4310MOD - JD7333 (Original)


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Almost Everyone at Focus 2001 were demanding the same request. Development - your highest priority should be to ensure that Visual ER Compare can compare against the same objects with different names - eg F4210 and F554210.

It really is the simplest change to the tool. I believe that every single customer performing development are waiting for it. Looking forward to hearing the reply !

Jon Steel

ERP Sourcing


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As far as I can tell - OMW wont allow this. You cannot rename Objects (no
facility), and I have found no way of copying an Object to an existing name
(even in a different path code). Copy only works when creating a completely
New object. If anyone has any different information I would love to here it.

When we had a modified object, based on a standard JDE object, and we
applied an ESU to the base object, I had to create a New copy and reapply
our changes to that copy, safer that way as the ESU made far more changes
than we had made, also I knew what my changes were supposed to do, so could
test them! I have heard of people doing it the other way - i.e. apply ESU
changes into an already modified object, but to my mind unless it was a very
simple ESU, I would not risk that approach.

Either way a direct compare between the differently named (but similar)
objects would have been very useful, especially with the ER copy facility
available in ER Compare.

Basically all other solutions seem to be complicated workarounds for what
should be a basic facility in ER Compare, or some other tool, so that Mods
can quickly be reapplied after applying an ESU.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development