Custom R47071: batch app finishing with Error when processing more than 1 order


Good day everyone,
Hope someone can help me out on this one:

WE made a custom object from R47071 and made some changes to fit the business. the report is working fine when we execute for one order inside EDI tables (F47072 - F47071) or 1 EDI Document number, however, we are having issues running the report for more than one of the above mentioned filters. what happens exactly is that if we run for lets say, 2 orders, the first order is processed fine, stock is updated and the route tables (F43092 - F43099) are filled as expected. The second order however, is not marked as processed with the "Y" in the EDSP field on the EDI tables when the report is done, also, the report at some point cuts some internal proceesess and ends with an error marked not on the order information, but at the end of the result PDF. what this causes is that the route tables are being half filled as the report is not associating next numbering the lines.
We have this report running on schedule, so we noticed that when the first execution fails and the order is left without the EDSP mark, a second execution takes it and the final PDF shows that the order alone has processed just fine.

now that should be the end of it but we noticed that the failed routing lines created in the previous execution are being taken under the PO's associated information despite them not having a next number associated to them. so now we have I think 2 routing STCK lines and this is causing negative values on the quantity at operation field. is

thank you again and have a great one.



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Are you really asking us to debug custom code that we can't see? We may be good but we're not magicians :confused: