1. jimmassey

    E9.2 EDI Outside Operation order type with *OP item number

    Searched the forums and Oracle Support to no avail... We are setting up EDI 850/855 & 860/865, etc for Purchase Order of order types OP & OO; the item number for outside operation includes '*OP' and the op sequence number (2 or 3 digits). The EDI translator uses '*' as a data delimiter, so the...
  2. E9.2 Cancel Purchase Orders with R47141

    Hello, I wanted to see if R47141 can be used to cancel a purchase order line. I have a list of POs that need to be canceled & I would prefer to not cancel them using an SQL. The thing is that I haven't been able to put the program to work: it flags the line item as "Y" but it does nothing on...
  3. E9.2 Configurator Order thru R47011

    Hello List, Has anyone created a Configurator Sales Order thru R47011 in either 9.1 or 9.2? I am looking for a similar functionality so if someone can shed light on this, it will be of a great help. Cheers, Sumeet
  4. Krusador

    A9.2 ASN requirement of tracking numbers for each carton

    Is anyone using JDE World to ship to retailers, specifically Amazon? They are now requiring that each carton of a small parcel shipment (Fedex, UPS, etc.) include its unique tracking number. We have been sending the "parent" number for each carton, but they are no longer accepting this...
  5. E9.2 EDI 864 tables in JDE

    Hi, We need to store EDI 864 messages sent for the issues with EDI 810,EDI856 , EDI 870. I am wondering if there any F47 tables exists to deal with EDI 864. Client would like to store the EDI 864 text messages separated by transaction set ( like 810, 856) and order number/ invoice number/...
  6. Mike Mackinnon

    R31113Z1I - Updating Subledger to GL (F0911)

    I am using the EDI inbound process to process work order issues but am having a problem with writing the work order in the subledger field in the General Ledger (GLSBL). It seems to work fine for our 'normal' on-line work order issues but does not work when processing the Z-file records (from...
  7. Convert Tradacoms V9 to F47 (accepted by JDE)

    Hello, My organization is exploring ways to convert EDI orders inbound and invoice & sales orders outbound in Tradacoms V9 format to the F47 format that JD Edwards takes messages in. For example, one of my organization's trade partners sends data in the following format (Tradacoms V9)...
  8. EDI Sales Order Load Detail Attachments.

    I am populating the F4715 with Order detail messages and this loading to the F00165 for the order correctly, My question is there a way thru the F4715 to load multiple attachment (not lines) to the order when it loads via the EDI process,, For example I want to load one detail line to the F4211...
  9. EDI R470412 Sucessfully Processed KCO

    Hi Guys, Recently, I tried to run R470412 EDI and it was successful. However, when i check the data found that in F47042, KCO is auto populated to the wrong company. Example Invoice belongs to company 00001 but KCO is updated with 00002. Any ideas? Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok
  10. Rauf

    EDI through Web Services in JDE 8.12, TR 8.96.40

    Hi Team, I would like to know what is the capability of 8.12, TR 8.96.40 to do interoperabilty through web services. For example, our bank is having a web service function "AccountBalanceInquiry". We have to pass account number as XML. And the function will return account balance in XML...
  11. Custom R47071: batch app finishing with Error when processing more than 1 order

    Good day everyone, Hope someone can help me out on this one: WE made a custom object from R47071 and made some changes to fit the business. the report is working fine when we execute for one order inside EDI tables (F47072 - F47071) or 1 EDI Document number, however, we are having issues...
  12. Procurement - delivery schedule

    We would like to identify a solution to communicate about delivery dates with suppliers. We are interested in using forecast devilery schedule and precise delivery schedule. Three steps that we need to identify in a purchase order (PO) in JDE: - PO entered with an estimated delivery date (one...
  13. SPS Commerce and EDI

    Hi Guys, We are starting to work with SPS commerce for out EDI business. Recently they provided 850 layout, which was in single quote as double quote as qualifiers with LineFeed (LF) on the end. The problem with such a text file is that it doesn't specify whether each line is Header/Detiail or...
  14. I need to Know more information about R470412 report?

    I need to get more information on R470412 report. How it will update the fields in F47041,F47042, F47044. And does it update it in F4311. Can anyone send me more useful pdf about this report or document and also explain me about EDI batch process? It will be really helpful to me. Thanks &...
  15. Lonczak

    EDI sets not supported within JDEW A73/A93: 753, 754, 870

    Would like to discuss using these transaction sets and how you implemented them if you have already done so. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  16. EDI 404 Transaction

    Is there anyone that has created an EDI 404 document in JDE? We are looking at creating this document and sending it to the rail companies but JDE does not use a 404. Any help would be appreciated.