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    Unable to read Multi-Level XML File

    Hello All, Hope you are doing well, Question : I need to read an external xml file in JDE and populate the custom table. Sample is the xml which i am trying to read using XERCES parser. Issue : I am able to get the values which are at level 1. ie. <retConsReciNFe> But when I try to access...
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    Custom R47071: batch app finishing with Error when processing more than 1 order

    Good day everyone, Hope someone can help me out on this one: WE made a custom object from R47071 and made some changes to fit the business. the report is working fine when we execute for one order inside EDI tables (F47072 - F47071) or 1 EDI Document number, however, we are having issues...
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    Inbound XML File into JDE

    Hi All, Would like to know if there is a business function that could inbound xml data into JDE. If there is, appreciate if someone could share what parameters to be passed into the business function. Besides that if there's any other suggestion of a way to inbound xml into JDE please share...
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    Inbound XML File into JDE

    Hi All Recently I am trying to Inbound an XML file into JDE. I came across a business function B74XML01 - XML Write To Z-File G74 but i do not know how it works and what parameters to be passed in. Appreciate if anyone could share with me the parameters to be passed into B74XML01 - XML Write...