Custom Localization Code

Olavo Henrique Dias

Active Member
We are about to implement JDE in a country that has no Country Specific Localization implemented by Oracle.
We have a few things that need to be implemented Country Specific.

I was thinking about adding the Country Code to the UDC 00 | LC and also creating the country language in the UDC 01 | LP.

Do you guys have any advice on that? I don't see why it wouldn't work... but I prefer to ask the pro's here.

P.S.: Indonesia is the country we are about to implement and Bahasa-Indonesian is the language we are about to create.


you have to know that all Oracle Localization codes are hardcoded in application.
When you add new customer code you also have to modify program.
It will work, only have to check Oracle updates. Time by time they replace your modification in standart objects.


by just adding a new localization in that udc will not change anything.

i mean, you will need to have some localization in behind also to activate at print invoice or something else.
as far as i know, Indonesia does not have any localization from Oracle, so theoretically there is no code in behind to act related to that.