Custom application and UBE


We have a requirment from our client to create customer application which call UBE and populate ube report on screen.

We need to populate UBE (report) on interactive application so far we have developed the following items:
- Custom application
- Custom UBE (Batch Application)
- Custom Business view
all above items are connected through report interconnection from ER and we are trying to run on Fat Client to test it before packaged.

- While calling Batch version we are not getting the screen "Report Output destination" it will take us directly to the printer selection and not creating any PDF file after saving the report.
- On Fat Client whenever web application trying to call ube we get an error message on job list queue while submitting report.
Status Details:Error

Kindly let us know if we are not following the best practise to achive this goal else help us out to resolve this issue.
Enviorment Details
Application Release E910
Furqan, Seems you are missing OCM Mapping to run UBE locally.

> Login Solution Explorer on Fat Client
> Type "OCM" in fastpath
> Select System-910
> Click on Add
> Select your Env "Dv910"
> Select your Object
> Primary Data Source "Local"
> System Role *Public"
> Restart your Solution Explorer
> Test it.

Hope above steps will resolve your issue.

What you're trying to do could be done, but IMO is not the best/right way to go about it. Your design requires that the interactive user wait until a batch job finishes. This is not a very user-friendly approach. What if the batch job gets stuck in a jobq behind other jobs? You also need a means of 'knowing' when the batch job finishes, which can be done, but adds a level of complexity that I don't think is necessary.

What logic is the UBE performing? I would do everything I can to put the same logic into a business function that creates records into a temporary workfile. From the workfile, you can display the records to the user in an interactive application and can generate a report if a hardcopy is necessary for your requirement.
Thanks Mr Shaqeel, I am performing steps you mention it works for me.

Hello JMR, i do the following steps.

JD Edwards Enterpriseone - UBE (reports)

1- Create Batch Application
- after insert the basic information like Object name, description etc.
- start RDA (report design aid)
- select report required footer/ header, BusinessViews (BV), select BV required fields and Version etc.
- Do your logic if needed.
Now your UBE (report is created)

2- Now register that report on OCM.

- OCM registering steps:
> goto OCM
> Select JDEDB
> Find your report Object Name like R5501002
> if not exist then create it
- press add from tools
> EnviromentName: DV910
> Object Name: R5501002
> Primary Data Source: LOCAL
> System Role: *PUBLIC
> Now press ok

3- Connect your report with application using report interconnect.
Go to Event Rule (ER)
from tool select report interconnect, version.

4- If your want to pass some data from application to report. You need to perform the follwing steps,
go to report (UBE) > RDA
select file and select Report Data Structure
select your required data type which you want to pass from application.
press OK and save the changes.
Now back to application.
Go to ER and select report interconnect, version.
after that you see that data type field are accessible to you. you can pass the data using these interconnect fields and save your form.
Now after data bind with report interconnect variable.
Need to connect these value to Report BusinessView (BV) fields.
Now go to RDA, from tools select section and select define data selection. Apply your logic using Report Interconnect (RI) variables.

Now your report is ready.

Hope this helps you.