Costing test scenarios


hi there

I am looking for some help on various cost test scenarios.

At the moment I have 3 high level

Costing M type (manufactured item)
Costing co-pack item
Cost import process

Off of these test scenarios I have created the follow step by step scripts

Set up costing via P4105
How to review costs via cost components P30026
How to change costs at cost component screen P30026
How to enter additional cost components P30026
Run Simulate costs (review PDF)
Run Frozen costs (review PDF)

Anything else that should be included within these routines



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Assuming you're doing manufacturing you'll also want to do test cases around manufacturing and variance accounting. Also check your DMAAI and document type set ups as part of costing and how things like PPV are being treated. Depending on your business processes you should also look at WIP set up and how this will be handled at month end.