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Is there a way to copy a standard JDE Business function specifications and
data structure? I can copy and rename the .C and .H source code, but there
is no copy button when you check out the object in Object Librarian.


HPUX 9000 B733.2 SP 11.3 Oracle 8i

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Hi Ed,
The copy is available for the DSTR of your BSFN in your B7332 relase.
Follow the steps below to copy a C BSFN:
1.) Copy the DSTR into a new object with a new name.
2.) Copy The .c and .h of the BSFN under a new name.
3.) Edit the source codes: a.) rename the BSFN b.) rename all references of the DSTR.
4.) Define the BSFN in OL with the new name.
5.) Attach your new DSTR to your new BSFN.
6.) Build your BSFN.

I hope, I didn't left out any important step.
The method to "copy" a NER BSFN is a bit complicated, so I don't describe it now but let me know if you are interested in it.

Good luck,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)