Received not vouchered integrity report


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Does anyone know a standard report to validate the received not vouchered GL
account against the F43121 receipts file? I can't find a report if
there is one. If not, how does your company ensure that this file balances
to the GL.

OneWorld 73.3.2 SP 15.1 Oracle HP-UX

Ed Luke
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Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
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B733.2 SP11.3 HP9000 Oracle 8.1.6


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Check if the R43412 or R43450 reports will give you what you are looking

Dave Rammer
Sheboygan County

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No, from what I can tell, neither of these reports validates that the F43121
open receipts balances to the F0911 received not vouchered account. Am I

Ed Luke
Senior Applications Analyst
Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
[email protected]
(615) 341-8320

B733.2 SP11.3 HP9000 Oracle 8.1.6


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We are wrestling with the same thing. I would write a report that does this.

For each F43121 record with MATC=1 (receipt), for each unique combination of
DOCO purchase order number and LNID purchase order line number,
See if there is a matching record with MATC=2 (voucher).
If not, get field AREC ($ received) and add it to an accumulator.
Then you need to handle records with MATC=3 (cancelled vouchers) and records
with MATC=4 (cancelled receipts).
Also handle receipt lines where $ vouched are less than $ received (compare
AREC to APTD $ vouched).
You can figure out the logic for the last 2 steps: I haven't gotten to that
Then compare the accumulator to GL balance.

There are bugs in 7332 which will sometimes give you one or more missing
records among F43121 receipts, F4111 inventory transactions, F41021 quantity
on hand (record update), and F0911 GL. We have written/are writing integrity
reports to find all these. The worst bug is getting F41021 quantity on hand
updated but no other records are written. We have seen this in our testing
of Xe also. Sometimes coincides with "commit failure" error. Your warehouse
people will need to watch for this one with cycle counts. Can dynamite their
perpetual inventory accuracy.

Dave Mallory Denver Water 7332 SP 15.1 Oracle 81634 NT 4.0


Per one of your points,

We continue to have commit failed errors on inventory receipts in B7332.
Per JDE, the "commit boundary" does not include F41021 or F4105. Hence the
addition of quantities to the item balance, but not to the item ledger.
Because the on-hand quantity is wrong, subsequent transactions can mess up
the weighted average cost, because it starts with the wrong QOH.

We have everyone on alert to report any commit fails immediately. We then
correct the QOH using SQL. Denver has not been able to isolate the reason
for the Commit fails, after several logs were sent.

Dave Fernandez
Central National-Gottesman Inc.
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Keep in mind that there is still known missing functionality with Commit
Rollback type of logic. There are some documented areas where JDE is
supposed to be adding this into newer releases. Inventory transactions just
happen to be one of these areas.

There is a document somewhere on the KG that identifies all the known areas
where they need to add Commit Rollback logic.

I know that this doesn't help with the current situation, but maybe there is
a light at the end of the tunnel!




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I don't know if it is a big help but I use report R43412 to compare with the
received not vouchered account. I admit I haven't figured out how I can get
it to work at a given date. Say end of the month. The receipts are quite
easy you put in the data selection MATC = 1 and DGL between the two dates
that you want to compare your G/L with, let's say june. The total you get
in Amount Received must equal the amount in the P09200 Account Ledger
Inquiry when you filter OV as document type. Given you use OV as receipt
and reverse documenttype. Otherwise you would have to go with SQL or
MSAccess directly to the F0911 and query there.

For Receipts Matched, I use MATC = 2. The difference of the two reports is
the solde on the received not vouchered account. Reversing Receipts doesn't
seem to be a problem. But I don't know whether voiding invoices is a
problem, we haven't had the case so far.

Although we had already receipts that weren't processed correctly, they
didn't interfear with the integrity between F43121 and F0911. What seems to
be a problem is Landed Costs where we get rounding errors at the moment of
matching. Say, landed cost at receipt is 12.11 EUR at vouchermatch is will
calculate 12.10 EUR. I haven't figured out yet where these differences are
coming from.


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