Budgeting Packages


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JDEdwards budgeting process leave much to be desired, as far as I can tell.
There documentation for budgeting issues appears in the General Accounting
documentation and takes up only 40 or so pages.

What other budgeting systems do any of you use that link up well with
JDEdwards? Thanks.

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Sorry Ed, no other budgeting systems links up WELL with JDE.

However there is one other product called RAC that does do budgeting and CAN
be interfaced to JDEdwards. When we sent out our original RFP JDEdwards came
back saying we can do most of your budgeting except for this, this and this.
They then recommended that we also purchase this RAC product. However the
pains of writing another interface wasn't worth it so we dropped it.

All of our users now use JDE for both Capital and Operating Budget and once
you play around with the setup you can actually get it to do some nice
things. We now have 100+ users doing budgeting in JDE. You'll have to write
about 20 custom reports but this is a lot easier than writing an interface.