Decimal amounts in Purchase order quantity ordered


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Is there a way to input decimal amounts ie. 1.5, 39.5 in P4310 purchase
order quantity ordered field? The way we have it set up, it rounds these
amounts to the nearest dollar. This is fine most of the time, but when we
order services, etc. with UOM's such as Hours, we need to be able to input
fractional amounts. Is this done at the DD level for this field or is
there some other way.


OneWorld B733.2 SP15.1 Oracle HP-9000

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B733.2 SP11.3 HP9000 Oracle 8.1.6



Display decimals is a Data Dictionary change. If you are contemplating changing any quantity field, you need to read document omn-99-0032, Update Display Decimal Support, available on the KG. What this says is that you should not change individual quantity fields, but need to change all fields included in Data Item Class QTYINV. There are about 150 or so data fields included in this class that are used in who knows how many different tables. Changing display decimals affects how the data is actually stored. The point is that, if you change just one quantity field, data from that field gets populated to other quantity fields in the system that will not carry the same display decimals. What you enter as 1.5 may appear elsewhere in the system as 15.
The other thing to keep in mind is that changing display decimals after you have data in the system means you have to convert all the existing data. In the case of quantity fields, this would be no small task.

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