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Copy sales master business function B4200311


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Can i make copy of master business function by copying code into B57 object .c and .h file .

I dont want to mess up csales dll so created custom dll but getting problem for those bsfn which are static in b4200310 and reside in only csales dll

can i call those static function from custom bsfn using calljdeobject api?

Do i need to create copy of both 310 and 311?

any document or help to copy master bsfn will help me.

Purpose :
I want to get price for all items including configure item for online price functionality(lot fo cuctomization done in logic of this 2 function and even for pricing) withing 3-4 sec so copying this function and eliminating unnessasry call for pricing and it work when i test locally by chnaging mbf ,so want to replicated master business function

working on E1 9.1 .